A new company

I have decided to form a new company called ScroogleSoft which is a search helper. I plan to collect everything from the internet and determine if it is copyrighted. It is a monumental task so I am going to give one share of the 10 billion shares to everybody on the planet to become employees. Since I can't store all that information on my computer I am going to do a P2P algorithm that shares everything to a common index.

It is company policy that every person should evaluate any movies, software, images, books, stories, cartoons, scripts, code, patterns, that they think might be copyrighted, as many time as needed to determine if they believe it is unique and new. In a period of several years I plan to release an analysis that lists what the members of the company have determined. There is no salary involved and the incentive is that the share of the company you receive will be worth a lot in the future when the work is done.

In addition each employee will be required to rate the content for its value and then when it is done, new employees will be able to just look at what is deemed of interest or is considered to be copyrighted material to evaluate. The results will be published and the price for the index is 100 billion dollars, however it is free to employees.

I have an ATM device that connects to a two wire interface also. I own the router and I want to run a twisted pair of wire to my neighbor. He also has his own router that understands ATM. Strangely when we connect end to end, we are an internet with two addresses. I think if I connect my other router to another neighbor and they do the same thing, I can send stuff to them to forward to others too. Sound like a good idea? It wouldn't be regulated by a central authority, but it would be free as long as the routers lasted.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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