Gravity and darkness

This article at Daily Galaxy talks about a black hole pair and the phenomenon of advance of perihelion. I blogged about something I discovered about gravity and this is part of it. The fact that things fit an equation for a general process is hardly a super theory IMHO. I could say that every equation (n) in the universe is off by [sin2(θ)+cos2(θ)]•(n). I would be completely correct, however [sin2(θ)+cos2(θ)] is = 1. The coherent understanding of the entire universe requires that it not simply be an equation that can be applied in a specific situation to predict a well defined process, but a complete system that applies to all matter.

I still can't say for sure that I am correct about the meaning of the black hole data, but this experimental data gives me another point of reference that I can use. I don't know why Einstein is always used as the quintessential "genius", because he sometimes contradicted himself in the process of elucidating a theory and said that inclusion of a cosmological constant to balance the observed to theory was his greatest mistake.

The overall theory of the structure of the universe is a coherent and complete interactive single concept. Newton did not say that his ideas were mathematical models of the universe. The way that I understand Newton is that there is no question whatsoever as to its correctness. I have no doubts about Newton's interpretation of the interaction of matter, because it is the product of many different converging vectors and the probability of it being wrong is too great for me to consider, except when every other theory has been questioned for validity. If I were forced to name the quintessential genius, it would be Newton or Archimedes and I would have to make a coin flip to decide between them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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