A coherent solution

I think I have come to a coherent solution of the world problems. It seems that the ability to keep resources localized to specific individuals is the root of all problems. Essentially money is the root of evil. If the world had distributed [manufacturing capability, knowledge, resource, computation power] then it would require the cooperation of individuals to achieve a greater effect and in the case of those who wished to dominate the world, the sum of all parts is greater than any smaller set.

In order for that to work it would simply require that a distributed system be created. The advantage is that a coherent free interchange of information would advance society at a rate that was factorially greater than it could achieve in constant conflict. The result would be the ability to effectively utilize energy and travel in space. This would end the ability of groups to even consider the possibility of enslaving a population against their will. It was the ability to escape European feudalism that gave America such an advantage and that is now gone, as America has become JAFS ( just another feudal state ).

In the area of computation, it is better to have distributed cells of computation which function as a network ( or distributed phone networks ), than have a centralized computer system which can be misused to promote oligarchy. It would cost no more or less if each individual owned a 100 feet of copper that was their connection to the other 600,000,000,000 feet of copper that was the world. Every resource that exist today is handled in this way so that it promotes the welfare of a few who have come upon their position by taking that which is the right of all. By charging forever for a resource that costs little to create, the profit is used to maintain this monopolistic practice.

It is a system of brute power and genetic selection by any means possible and I would think that if people consider themselves civil that is would be a major contradiction in fact. I doubt that this will ever happen, but it is the way a truly civilized race would act and perhaps we will meet one like that some day. The problem is that they might see us as crustaceans building shells of concrete and stray pieces of wood, in constant struggle to evolve into a society. If I were such a traveler, I would probably say that I might return in a few million years to see if intelligent life had evolved.

I don't think that such a solution could be forced on a population as it would simply revert the moment the force was removed. People allow themselves to be enslaved by their own actions. If a person fears death more than they enjoy freedom, they will be enslaved.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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