Blender DNA example

This an example of blender used to represent something DNA like. This example is a very quick generation and can be animated easily.

The steps are to create an object and shape it the way you want or use a preset script to create that object. Create a curve. Adjust the curve and set to 3D. Put a twist in it. Select the object ( or objects ) that you wish to follow the curve and then shift+selct the curve and press control+p and select "follow path". Deselect and reselect the object and then go into properties and select dupliframe. Set the repeat rates and then it is done. If you have become used to blender, this is about 30 seconds work.

On other subjects:

SECURITY: ---- Chaos Computer Club says they can completely decimate SSL MD5, which comes as no surprise to me as I blogged about the horrible nature of the security algorithm in the past. This is another nasty one. Here is a link to discussion at /.. A top comment there is "Internet broken, OK let's just make a new one!", by AC. Also it is discussed at standalone-sysadmin blogspot.

DNA: DIY ( Do It Yourself ) DNA issue which is certainly going to be a real wild ride. Here is a link at Daily Galaxy where they consider the issue. I can't say what will come of it, but curiouser and curiouser this world gets every day. Isn't that right Alice Infinity? They have a very negative take on the process, but when the ability is present, the US government cannot ( nor any government ) regulate something that is virtually invisible and everywhere. Will there be a police force that analyzes every molecule in the earth to see if it is "good" or "bad"? It is one of those things that cannot be brute forced. The factorial of that is beyond the wildest dreams of even a culture that controlled the entire known universe. In addition this article at /. describes a process where 30 atoms could simulate the effect of 14 transistors. To make that more understandable, That means that a cc ( cm3 ) , an object the size of a drop of water, could contain the equivalent of 3•1023 equivalent transistors. That is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, which is billions of times more elements than the common computer of today. If you think they are weird now, this is weird to the nth power.

SEX: This article at Sentient discusses a "Sex chip", and I have blogged about this before in reference to the "wire". It is only a matter of time before this is going to be possible as a DIY project. It is a concept from science fiction and the main character in Ringworld had this problem with the "wire" as he called it. If you can resist the wire, you can resist anything. I am afraid that very few would be in that category.SF becomes real, Who then is the first Ringworld Engineer?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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