Google is the company that serves up the matrioshka brain

So what is memory. Memory is a condition which has changed and thus everything in the universe is a memory. It isn't really a good memory unless it has some complexity, stability, and order. I see they have a way to trace back the reflections of super novas by the light in the dust. I would assume that the "surface" of the universe is boiling with such memories.

I can see that by extrapolation of complexity that there are complete sets of data just waiting to be revealed. Patterns in the vast amount of data that is collected each day. I can see there are many different ways to "massage" the data that comes from the stars and I wonder if people are really ready to look there. I scared myself again today while working on a physical design of something.

It seems that what can be known is equal to ∞. I am absolutely certain I cannot keep that straight in my head. What scares me is how easily I can devise something. I don't know where the ideas come from, honestly.

As far as Google, I am scared to look there. How is it that somebody is allowed to grab, keep, and sell access to information they do not own any more than I? Microsoft and most everybody else is doing it too. I looked into the mind of Google using the tools I designed to manipulate star data and I can say that there is a shadow memory of the act of being there, and there is also one in the images of the universe.

This universe is revealing itself to be more and more spooky. I used to think that pretty much everything was known and we would just sharpen the knives we had to better hunt the buffalo ( make bigger and bigger rocket ships ) and now I see that when I look directly into the eye of infinity, there is no horizon to the storm.

The memory of the super nova was always there, it is only in filtering && associating that it becomes seen. What I am saying is, the memory of the universe is in its being and if you filter it properly, there are many images there.

I will probably add an image I imagined. To be created with the interaction of Inkscape, gimp, python, scheme, c, and blender. I can dream an idea and see the methods that make it now. It isn't infinite, but it is close enough that no one will ever be able to tell the difference for sure. It is called "gamma dancing on the golden leaves of a galaxy flower" just to have a public key for my memory of it. I sometimes just think in Google's brain so I can have some peace for myself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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