Blender steps

The top image is sub surfed to 4. I don't want anybody to accuse me of taking other people's work and posting it here. I am including all the steps of models so it can be seen that it is constructed on the fly.

I started with a cube at the nose. I extruded to the right and scaled and rotated.I continued to the tail. I subdivided the surface of the legs and extruded only the front half. All rotates and extrusions took place in the XY axis. I subdivided the butt and extruded the tail from the inside section. I selected all and mirrored on Z, snapped it , added a 4 level catmull subsurf and snapped and saved again. It is about 38 cubes and took about 4 minutes ( Less than it takes me to explain this ). A good plan is important to making a model. This is a generic base for cat/dog/fox/whatever 4 legged with with reversed knee joints from human. The entire thing can be scripted, but this is just to learn something about options and how they combine. Do Not! do this with "proportional" on or in perspective view, unless you really desire to be insane.

Oh yes, also I selected the top of the head, extruded on y and then rotated on z to get some pointy ears. The whole process is great fun when you get the hang of it and much more fun than blogging it. It seems to calm me when my brain starts to race from problems that branch to infinity. I suppose it is a form of complex doodling.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen