Golem Gumby

By combining yeast cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the inclusion of a plasmid which acts along the length of a twisted shielded branched chain RNA trie the walking molecules of kinesin, serve to deliver the specific messenger state of being to each cell so that it may increase turgidity or reduce turgidity to form a shape that is defined by the walking words of RNA. The overall structure is tied together with the RNA strand and as it is twisted it serves to provide a tension against cells so that they may expand or contract and still retain their coherence.

I am combining the ease of use of the Cube(sauerbraten) game engine with the utility of blender, the driver interface and scripts to have a system that is composed of several interactive window frames, each of which is connected together with scripts and has an interface that Molly Googol designed. The interface is like four steering wheels that rotate a selection around its possible options and through a sub set and through a scaled value. It is like four single dimensional mice that are thus confined to the axis in quantum like steps and therefore are not subject to the positional feedback ambiguity which is inherent in correlating a flat mouse movement to a flat screen.

Depending on the mode of the interface, it also serves to [translate,rotate,scale,twist,accelerate,shape,harden,property(n)] . [X,Y,Z,T] . [Object.vertex.selected]. It is a little tricky and I am using four USB mice at the moment, but I hope to have a single steering wheel like roller in my keyboard edge to operate the axis directions ( 2 with L&R thumbs and 2 with pinkies).

The interfaces flow in two directions so that information from the parallax [view,sound,smell,temperature,force] of a system is rendered or conversely is instantiated in structure.

It is essentially a kind of clay model of life and thus the name Golem Gumby.

I think that if a person is creative they should benefit from that skill. The problem is that the idea of making a character out of clay and mouthing words for it, is probably devised by every child on the planet by the time they are 6. Restricting something because you are the first person to be greasy enough to hire a lawyer to enforce what many people might do, you limit creativity itself. There is a real limit to what is truly unique and irreplaceable in culture. I have seen some of the moving art created with blender and a person can go a long way with a little creativity. There are more unique creative ideas on the free blender site than in the entire history of TV.

Since Molly Googol selected this interface and she is not a real person, then it would seem that the idea is free to be stolen and patented by a real person, just like when nature does something and some idiot patents it. Now Molly could be imprisoned for violating the patent, but that might be an episode of South Park in the making.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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