Genetic and XORG speculation

From my models and the results there is a suggestion that the static model of DNA being the absolute determinant in the structure of life is questionable. It is possible that there are two other factors that play a major role , one that environmental ( and variant ) and one that is intrinsic in the matching cell itself. It is just a guess at this point, but it seems to have merit to me anyway. When I study complex software and hardware systems that are created by others, I often characterize them before understanding the code itself and develop a model of how the parts might interact. From that I can have a framework to look at the code and see which parts correspond to the overall model of how it operates.

This is more of a mental bookmark than a theory. Like saying that OpenGL DRI bypasses the x server. I have a model of that too, which I think is near correct. I have studied OpenGL and Xorg and Xwindows. I am beginning to see the philosophy behind an XGL that is something similar to what I have concluded, that GL commands can be included in a stream that is xwindows and this is a better approach with a lower bandwidth. X has evolved to meet needs and has not necessarily followed a good plan or perhaps any overall plan at all.

ADDED: I have been doing a little browsing of the makehuman source and I must say that this is one of the best laid out projects I have seen at this complexity level. It is almost obvious how the program works, based on the structure of the files and images. Talented programmers created this. I see that switching this to ants and making a phenotyping ant interface that models various different species and relates the genetic changes to physical attributes and behavioral changes is going to be easy ( as in a few weeks, not a few years ). I could just hack it today and make some ants, but I think I will let their modeling concept sink in a little and then poke some changes in the source to see if I have the overall concept correct. It is CPP ( C++) so it is a little more inscrutable normally, but this code seems to take that fact into consideration and deals with the documentation issues of complex code. I could modify this code today if I was forced to do it. VERY well structured and documented. I give it 5♠ ( That is "high five" in spades ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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