Flat black holes

It is strange that I can look at something and see it completely different than others. It is very obvious if you use simple natural logic without any presumptions, that the moon is far away and if you recognize the solid angle of the reflected light from a half moon that it points at a light source that is vastly farther away than that. If you ever traveled on the ocean or have been in a large desert, the curvature of the earth is obvious. It is the same way with dark stars, I see something else and I wonder why no one else can see this way. I never considered the power that applied science can produce, but of late I have been studying societies and governments and it seems this is all that they do. They use power to manipulate others. Seems a rather mundane thing and something that anybody could do if they were inclined. There is some vague middle age social theory behind it, but I suspect it is just basically driven by people who like to manipulate others.

The picture was done in blender and I used parenting, dupli-frames, grease pencil, alpha transparency, reflection, tex map, and tried some of the new python script objects. I managed to try all the most recent techniques, but I didn't quite capture the idea I wanted and I need to import some new models and armatures and add a little Pyfoo, I think


jordaenne said...

Hi there Paul.

I love your illustration.Mystically outer spacey.

(I used to be ichandrae)

wishing you the best for 2009.

Paul Mohr said...

Nice to hear from you again. I will do some more. I wish you the best for 2009 and even beyond that :)

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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