Event order in nSpace

In the universe, all things have their own relative event space, which is their perspective in multiple dimensions. I could say that there is one absolute event space that was the average of all these, but it would not express the complexity of the system. The order of interaction of particles in such a system changes with its position and as a result the distance of effect and ultimately the order of that effect. If it is viewed in terms of 4 space it is a bit more regular, but it only becomes a solid product when analyzed in 5 space. I think that there is a way to make a model, which derives from an equation that describes the possible configurations well enough to be completely predictive. Much like creating ants from their genotype, I can presume certain mechanisms to be at work and then by modifying the input genome and observing how well it matches the physicality, determine if the model is correct in all aspects that I am able to test or observe.

There are some very unusual things that are implied by quantum limits and nSpace that I don't completely grasp. It seems counterintuitive that certain aspects would be interactive at a higher "time" but the structure suggests this effect. I dislike the term and usage of time in the many inappropriate contexts that it is employed, however, time as a symbol for the progression of a process in steps, is what I refer to. The actual structure of an object could lie on a line of its various states of existence and not be singular. A good example is a vibrating string. The action of the object makes it exist in an infinite array of states, but overall it is one single concept.

Due to the fact that energy has no direction or position conservation, it is reasonable to assume that systems could exist in oscillation that defies the apparent order of "time" as defined in this context to be the linear progression by entropy. Life itself is somewhat anti-entropic in the way it operates. To highlight the effect of the nature of energy as it is considered here, I will give an example. In the case of a vibrating system, there is a node point that corresponds to maximum potential energy and minimum relative momentum. At that point the system can be translated in any direction or rotation to produce a new orientation to its environment and thus can exist as a reversed order sequence with respect to an observer.

Energy and momentum are relative concepts and can only be defined in the "relationship" of two systems. When you add the observed property it is just another point of relativity to the system. There are an infinite number of potential relative observer points which would correspond to the vector positions in "5 space" IMHO.

As always, I am not trying to provoke argument as to the _theory_ of it, but to generate a working hypothesis that tests to results. Someone who has a different opinion of the process can argue that they have a better approach and I must agree, that until there is a tangible and repeatable method established that utilizes the process, it can be subject to interpretation.

A tangible example would be if an object or entity existed at this moment, it could be made to "uncreate" at an earlier state and thus cease to exist in the future or even the past in that same form. I will have to study this some more as it could present the type of advantage that I prefer, which is defensive as opposed to offensive and destructive.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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