Even magic isn't magic

I am really sorry but I never got magic. I know lots of people who will stand in awe of a stage show and be completely stunned that they can do magical things. I don't see it that way. There are an infinite number of ways to hide a billiard ball behind another billiard ball in perspective. Many of the things that are considered tricks are just taking advantage of the fact that what is seen and heard or felt is only a tiny fraction of what is real and also it is from a single perspective. It serves well enough to deal with hunting something else that is functioning under the same limitations. I never consider what I see or comprehend to be "real". I consider it to be my perception of real based on the amount of data I have. I can create symbolic systems that don't have this limitation as they have no hidden surfaces.

There is one way in which I enjoy visual and auditory anomalies, that is when it is a reflection of an underlying process parameter.

I don't even find it entertaining to figure out how the tricks work. It is like solving the riddle "What have I got in my pocket".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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