Ant Terrain

The purpose of this is to show a new technique and how easy it is to take an image ( created by SVG ( Inkscape ) and exported with gimp, in this case ) and make it into a terrain or distortion of a grid ( in blender ). This takes about 30 seconds from blender load to snapshot. This in a way is the landscape that the ( simulated ) ants perceive when searching an image. I could use a parallel image and image terrain pair that is much better for the demonstration, but it would have taken 45 seconds and I am a lazy man of few keystrokes.

These things are not additive as you might think, they are factorial combinations. If I know 1 trick it is 1 possible way of doing it. If two it can be 4 ways for two steps and 2 ways for 1 step. If number of steps is the number of options , each new technique that is mastered add factorial scale to the possibilities. I know hundreds of ways to manipulate images now and this means that the possible combinations is far beyond 10100 ( a googol ). Not only do the possible combinations increase, but the effect and type of effects possible are changed. In the realm of n-Dimensional reasoning and n-Space things become very bizarre on the way to infinity.

If you are a blender head here is the link that describes in detail the simple techniques to use an image as a height map ,Okay.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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