Ants eat vectors

This is another aspect of the program and it is like a genetic algorithm, but more of a life algorithm. The program has ant colonies ( program threads ) that compete for food ( color vectors ), a colony has a range of action and if they find food ( their favorite color ) in the area of their nest ( center of action ) then they will include it in their hive ( associated list ) the ants compete and resolve differences between areas to determine which colony ( object list ) possesses the color vector. The same mechanisms which control ants including raiding a neighbor ant hill and taking all the food ( colors ) is determined by a set of algorithms. Colonies may slave other colonies in their area ( create linked sub object area ). Ants can be confined to the selected area from gimp or the entire image or even a specific color vector range. They can produce SVG and polygons or OpenGL textures as output or even just lists.

This is similar to a multi threaded area fill that resolves differences between areas by program weighting parameters. It also serves to be a type of program that runs against the image to extract object elements like gradients, blowout, texture, light source gradients, depth of field blurring, ...


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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