Branching chains

I am considering some technology today to do branching chain molecular sequences. BY intercalating a conductive material and adding a branch chemical at specific binding sites it is possible to make a circuit that self assembles and the structure is as thus:: Image of Telomere at Wiki

By defining specific binding points and a connection which is unique enough to have no repeats ( a virtual UUID essentially ) for the binding site. tRNA will bind on one end to a specific AA and on the other end to a 3 base pair sequence. If the pairing number is extended, it can exceed the specificity of 26 that is used in a common ribosomal factory. In nature these 64 possible combinations include START, STOP, multiple definitions of the same AA and some wiggle room so that, under certain conditions, two different molecules can be combined as a random factor, or perhaps as a modification from the state of the organism. The network of backbone, branches, "active circuit element", and interconnects can self assemble into a complete "brain" which would have to be designed with a self programming structure. I was going to make a blender animation of all of this, but unfortunately I am as lazy as always. When I make the system that creates the physical reality of it, I will do a screen snap. This is part of the MakeFormicidae process in antfarmgl which is intended to be the neural control that activates the contractile structures which govern body movement.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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