blender connected to the real world

I was trying some combinations of effects to see what happened and this is an example of something that is about 10 keystrokes. I see that I can make an entire game level of caves with a little effort and creativity. I did some things with SEM ( Scanning Electron Microscope ) images and that is so cool. By playing with the contrast I can have a walk around world of an atomic level image of a nano system. I can directly port a real nano world to a virtual world and coordinate the two so that I can take actions in a virtual world and have them created in an atomic world. This is what I have been moving toward and I get side tracked sometimes, but it is becoming real step by step. It makes a bit of difference and has some real consequence when you know that what you do in a virtual world can create or modify a real world object, even if it is on the molecular scale or even better that it is in a word of atoms.

Imagine being in a virtual world where you can manipulate and combine molecules like magic spells in a game, but in fact they are created in reality and could save the lives of thousands of people? I would say that would be an MMORPG that I could really enjoy. Instead of virtual dollars for virtual real estate, there would be real physical world value to virtual effort.

I can see I am going to have some fun with the game mode and physics of cloth and objects too, by correlating physical attributes of the nano world.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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