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This is purely speculation and bears no resemblance to reality, except as it does and is purely a work of "Off the Top of My Head" random fiction.

The scene is cyberspace anywhere in the world.

Recruiter: "You seem to handle yourself well in cyberspace son."
AI NPC killBOT unit1104: "I have a thousand confirmed kills. Are you a member of a guild?"
AI NPC killBOT net: #contacted suspected combatant #gathering intelligence."

Recruiter: "It is a kind of guild called the Army and we are legion and a million strong. We could use somebody like you and you could go far in the Army."
AI NPC killBOT unit1104: "Yes I might like to join this "Army". Do you have weapons?"
AI NPC killBOT net: #guild identified #1,000,000 += members #name="Army"#correlate information and coordinate for attack

Recruiter: "We have weapons that nobody even knows about, just show up at the recruitment center at this address in person and you will be armed and dangerous in a flash."
AI NPC killBOT unit1104: "Yes, we will be there in a person."
Recruiter: ( to himself )"In a person?" , "These kids have been in cyberspace too long, we need to show these mama's boys some real hell."
AI NPC killBOT net: #need to acquire "person"#cross compile program for neural wet code#opsysCODEC -e system("wget$ADDRESS | matrix-position");#.........

Every CPU and GPU fan on the planet turns on.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen