Things I alreday knew, but perhaps you didn't

I have blogged about the almost certainty, IMHO, that there is another type of life that lives in the truly fertile deltas of the Earth at the bottom of the sea where every nutrient goes to be collected. I also have discussed neural control and smoking. Recently a gene that prevents lung cancer may have been found. I have devised a way to make Mr Ciggee, a machine that brews a drink of Nicotine tea. The government apparently has a different and better approach which involves neutralizing desires in the brain. Perhaps I will find a chemical that neutralizes the desire to take a bribe, drink like a fish, eat like a pig, or purchase expensive hookers. Isn't it odd that there are such a large number of expensive call girls in Washington D.C. I wonder who would have enough money to afford such a thing in these troubled economic times? I think that it will not be long before the government has a chemical that neutralizes that nasty habit I have of questioning authority.

I have blogged about the fact a long time ago that hard radiation is a serious threat to space travel and can make people with the "right stuff" become the people with the "weird stuff". It might cause a woman astronaut to wander in a diaper trying to kill one of her crew mates out of jealousy, nah that couldn't happen.

On an even weirder note this article at idle /. about prescription hand guns for the elderly speaks for itself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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