Gimp is better than photoshop

The reason I say that is: Though other programs like Photoshop and Poser and many commercial packages are effective in their niche, they lack the overall flexibility of recombinatorial expansion and custom freedom that is inherent in all open source. I have some new Python, perl and scripts that make gimp and blender more effective in overall performance than any commercial package. I am looking into how to get those scripts distributed.

I don't claim to be the uber guru of any of these softwares. I do understand how to prowl the entire landscape with my Python blade, perl knife, OpenGL hammer, and my C utility knife.

I accidentally hit F11 while in Firefox and it went full screen and then back. That shows that I have a lot more to learn and these quick single key short cuts that will not be obsoleted and thus can be learned, are like lasers that cut through the click and drag, drooling corpse of mediocrity.

The REAL gimp tutorials are there and I would say there are at least a dozen, must know, tricks that apply to whatever software that you use.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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