Where is home

It has bothered me for some time that people live only on the surface of the Earth and this is perhaps the most precarious place in the universe. I would guess that the odds of a purely surface dwelling species to avoid gamma ray burst, coronal mass ejection, meteorite, evacuation to space, eruption, earthquake, hurricane and similar disaster as virtually nil. It would seem that if any culture were to evolve a complex life, that it would move from ocean to ocean as it traveled to avoid the unbelievable randomness of a surface world.

It would seem to imply that humans are a kind of side effect, and not a central species. As much as I would like my own species to be the super creature, its form is not optimum for galactic survival. Considering that 3/4 of the Earth is H2O it would have a 3 space area thousands of times greater than the surface potential. Marine life is naturally not completely understood because it is so vast in its potential and each time someone says that you can not have life there, nature proves them wrong. If I were simply to guess, there is a world yet to be seen in the ocean and perhaps the communication between stars is done there, as the silly things that inhabit open space are considered too stupid to get out of the direct path of danger.

The most long lived continuous species of creatures, the ants, live under ground to protect themselves from the chaos.

I have watched dolphins and I have to say that they are a truly graceful form that lives well in a world that man cannot survive. I am not sure what great achievement has come from the human race that would place it wildly above what they achieve without a single tool. Man is not a space faring race and perhaps they will never be that. Perhaps their precarious position and foolishness to live in constant war is their death sentence as a species.

We wish contact with the stars and perhaps they will never speak back to the odd, dangerous, and foolish form that does not even have a single language and understanding for its species. But, perhaps we are gods, since we use fashioned metal objects to eat sushi instead of just scooping it out of the water and hide our biologically identifiable animal features from the sight of others. I think that humanity might be a collection of the insane, ruling the oblivious, for the sake of nothingness.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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