The real undiscovered world

Something has been on the edge of my understanding for quite some time. It is the relationship of many different facts of how life operates and survives. There is a sweet spot on the planet earth that is well beyond the reach of even the best craft we have. With the advent of biotechnology it is possible to do with genetic material, anything that can be done with machines, better. A creature that simply had to move from primitive life to biotechnology would be a more reasonable transform. I will make a really broad leap and say that it is very possible that the concept and power of life on Earth is about to be turned on its head.

There is a push to do something that has never been done before in the search for oil and it will go through what I imagined to be the origin of life on this planet, and the most likely place that an advanced culture could exist. I wonder what would be the effect of finding out that a culture of extremely bizarre form and function was so powerful that it ignored even the most powerful of weapons of the nations as being some silly attribute that was absurd posturing of monkeys. If what I consider possible is true, we will finally disturb the biological ghosts in the Earth and then it will be again time to say: "I never saw that coming!"

I think holistically and I collect information that becomes an image of all things that I look at from various perspectives and fill in the spots that I find interesting. From the electron affinity of Carbon to the sedimentation and movement of Earth's crust, to the source of power buried there, is a pattern that has a very complex dark spot in my imagination and there is a real potential that this dark spot is the shadow of a form of life that may be beyond our ability to comprehend or tolerate.

The bear and the man might live a long time in caves before they met and I am sure the bear is the worst for the interaction, I don't think that if we find something under our feet that is powerful and dangerous, advanced, and living, and it sees that we are aware, the war will be on as quick as you can say Poseidon twice. It could be that this has happened before, and this would not surprise me in the least.

Just a random thought that had to be vented, as useless as it would be to prevent, protect or have any result at all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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