TV and movies are completely dead

BREAKING NEWS! With the advent of quick and easily scripted process it is possible to write a script with stage directions and character action in XML that can be directly converted into the manipulation of models in a 3D world. This allows a "show" to be delivered as a blender movie, and to have an origin blend and XML file that is a mutable script to respond to variations in a theme. It is even possible to have a script that moves a character around to read the news from AP at 10 O'clock each evening with random nuances and jokes or fluff information from the net. Animated characters are not subject to the same FCC rules and if you select the profane option for your script, then they can read the complete fscking news in a duck costume.

It is not a complex script to get computerized actors to produce the same timing of jokes as various comedians and the "art" of delivering a joke is considered only doable by humans, which has changed. The recognition of your "favorite" comedian will be less the selection of what is available, but more in what is possible. I think that I can certainly make a bot that says "What was (insert politician) thinking when he (insert latest crime). I think it could be vastly more entertaining and funny to have seemingly real virtual characters do the impossible antics of The Matrix or The Simpsons where they might pull their hand off and wipe their brow to highlight a joke. We could have as many channels of TV as there are blogs :) It is that way already to some extent. I get animated blend files from people all the time and they are like little movies. The nice thing is I can change some aspect of it and pass it on as my contribution to the joke or even real work.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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