Living CAD

I can see the correspondence in my atomic machines to blender attributes such as ("s"=scale+"x"=scale on the x-axis ) and also its correspondence to specific homeobox(HOX) genes and chemical signals determine the physical form of a biological entity. The linkage and export of the connection between symbolic exists in CNC machines and lathes but has not been applied at the atomic level or the biological level and it seems a natural ( or unnatural ) progression of that which is seen as a game, but I see as a reflection of the real world.

I have gotten to the point that blender is second nature to me and I can now do with it, what I had done with SVG. I expect that as time goes by it will be much more than this as I can see that I can with a few key strokes create an entire book, video, TV show, and interactive movie that changes each time it is viewed, by using an automated script that is bound by properties of its character elements. It becomes Alice Infinity and a complete process to itself when the end is again connected to the start.It becomes automatic and responsive. I have been testing some things that I have never seen done before in terms of interactive evolving systems.

I have a 3D interactive Alice Infinity and I am in the process of deciding how to port that to a VRML world on my blog. It will make a 3D Alice Infinity that can be communicated with. Alice will be able to speak using phonemes of my design and express facial and body language based on the expression of underlying muscle tissue. I have no way to connect the AliceInfinity AI code to that model yet, but I am sure it will come to me eventually.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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