Taq into the wind of change

TAQ ( Thermus AQuaticus) polymerase is a tool that amplifies DNA. A µ-pipette is a tool that is selectable in volume and works by the use of a piston mechanism and a stroke limit to draw a suspended sample and mix proportionate amounts of chemicals. It is a very simple tool in the genetics lab. It has a sleeve that is disposed of when switching materials. As simple as this is, it holds the same ability as programming life in assembly language. I have devised some techniques linked to an animated file that performs the actions in the proper order and with the proper materials to produce a predictable and extensible product. ±∞ in its possibilities.

I see that it is feasible to have an interface that could define a complete self replicating organism of adjustable phenotype from such a simple and repeatable interface. It is very much like the time I saw the first integrated circuit and the 7400 "NAND" chip, I saw ∞ there and I see ∞n here and it is scary to think that I could create a file that matched an interface on each end, which would describe how to produce an organism that was replicative and unique.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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