Beyond the .blend and pale

I can now "write a physical reality" in blender. I can create a micro pipette that is animated to move material from one vial to another and add or extract chemicals to combine them in procedures. The animated file is ported to a physical controller interface and the virtual reality becomes reality. It is astounding because I can now port a procedure that matches a specific equipment and it can be animated to see the process and emulate it or connect it to the device and automatically create it. This is really bizarre. I always thought that the food dispensers on star trek were pure bull shit and impossible to have a machine that configured matter under a computer control at that scale that it could produce food or "Tea, Earl Grey, hot, with a twist of lemon"

It is spooky and the constant recombination of capabilities is so overwhelming to me sometimes that I probably could not make a science fiction story that would adequately express the oddness that this world is becoming.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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