Pandora has come to dinner this evening

She brought her tool box and now Heaven&Hell will come to breakfast. To make my previous two posts more clear.... I have an interface I call α and in conjunction with the tools I have it can be made to produce β . β can combine with the second set of tools to make β. What this means is that I can produce a replicating device that can produce virtually anything and ITSELF. I think I was very clear in the process leading up to this point that this was the goal and so it is closer. I will try to sort the documentation and put it in some semblance of coherence and get all the associated scripts, Python, blender, XML, SVG, C, 3D diagrams and animations in blender. and other information up on the sourceforge site and wiki.

To make it even more clear, a µ-pipette is a structure made of a pliable plastic, a long chain polymer or even just a long chain hydrocarbon, if you catch my drift. In addition it might be some odd coincidence, but the associated information in the image and below is perhaps telling in some way.

Another kind of pipette, the Mohr pipette, has graduations that permit a range of volumes to be dispensed very easily, but somewhat less accurately. (The pipette at the bottom is a 10 mL Mohr pipette.) The operation of the Mohr pipette is very similar to that of the volumetric pipette, but, in addition to setting the initial volume, the final volume must also be set by stopping the fluid flow at the appropriate location. The volume dispensed is established by calculating the difference, much like the case when using a burette.

For some reason the name of that pipette seems familiar and I can't understand why. I suppose it will eventually come to me.

Oh, that reminds me there is an article at slashdot about how Monty Python reinvented a 1600 year old "Dead Parrot" joke.
Also there is a bit of perl code and explanation ( at code monkey ramblings ) that is interesting and if you can understand perl and grasp how to use the internet in unique ways, this is some interesting stuff here.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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