Sometimes I hate the hardware

I just went through another 4 hours of study on XML and databases + etc which is terms that you don't really want to know off hand like relvar, tuples, Xpath, Xindice, XSLT, and at least 50 others. It really makes me crazy that I can't buy a CAM ( Content Addressable Memory ) because some bastards at IBM and Intel and other companies can't get a patent on the technology and so instead of providing what is needed and best, they sell shit and force me to use it. If anybody really understood what CAM could do they would scream like me. The cool guys at the router level get to use CAM, but us mere mortals are stuck with a shit hole, single threaded, EDVAC, Von Neumann, CISC, POS (Piece Of Shit).

I really need to finish making my own neuron circuits or I will go insane with this stupid way of computation on a machine that is so easily tipped over it should be called a top.


Paul Mohr said...

BTW No matter how many mistakes you can make in a second, whether it is giga-flops or tera-flops, it is still a POS top. FLOPs = Floating Point Operations Per Second.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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