How XML works

For the sake of others ( and my own reference to be updated over time ) I will recount my current understanding. Only in the area of XML and how it relates to schema and XSL and SQL. Schema defines the outline of an XML database like document. XSL describes how it is presented. In the context of SQL, schema represents how the data is arranged in the data base and not the actual data. It is similar to a description of a blank form. The data is filled in the form as it is entered. Various other methods are similar and can be converted.

This is a result of months of grappling with the intricacies and multitude of possible standards. It is by no means a compendium of truth and if you want the full scoop, go to W3C.

I do believe I see the framework now and can fill in the blanks. I want to extend XML to a new method and so I must understand the scope of tools presently available so they can be extended to additional dimensions.

I probably should make a schema, an XML that is placed in SQL and an XSL that converts it to HTML or (DTD and css and HTML). Don't hold your breath until you see me do that :)

I suppose I could do a schema for XML of SVG, but now I have a headache as I think it is sinking in and my neurons are expanding around the concept and my head may explode so I am going to wrap my head in duct tape and go to sleep.....zzzzz OMG my comprehension of it is like a schema being filled in,.. oh, stop.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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