Beastmaster circuit

There is a lot of science that goes into the control of minds and there are too many links to post them all, (Aside: Does Hershey's chocolate have a secret ingredient, other than advertising?) but it isn't an impossible scientific trick. Science fiction serves as some kind of possibility fantasy that when a person reads it, they say, "Hmmm how could I do that?". Well I think that a beast-master circuit is not just possible, but is it going to be implemented? I think of what it would be like to have a real internet implementation like I have dreamed of with nodes at the interface of nature and space. The idea of the NASA internet is flawed and if it gets implemented it will be a hose bag of problems like the internet is. It is just the wrong from the start. A secure and reliable net requires certain core principles that are not understood ,I guess. More likely they exclude any option that does not incorporate centralized government control and / or paid access, which guarantees a mess.

People set out poison, traps, have killing seasons, screens, spray poisonous gas in the air of cities, sell pesticides, spray homes and apartments, irradiate, put chlorine in city water, and all other kinds of things that I consider dangerous and ineffective. The body has a set of symbiotic organisms that are needed to live and the fact that people seem to have this bizarre war with nature seems a bit odd to me personally. If a mole could be induced to make a hole for my sprinklers for free, wouldn't that be a bit more realistic than poisoning the ground where water falls or buying steel traps to rust in the ground and kill the creatures?

Why do most people hate the world as nature so much? And why do they seek to kill the thing that allows them to exist. If you kill all the other organisms on this planet, people WILL die. I think it stems from some delusion that people are separate from nature and they somehow have an ability to exist outside the realm of nature and that is certainly a delusion. One of those odd memes that exist. People lie all the time and perhaps that is a good thing because they can even lie to themselves. It makes it possible for us to live with things that would make us insane.

On a separate note I have noticed some very odd activity in the net lately and I don't mean weird, I mean "AI like" creep in the complexity of interaction that sits on top of all the searching, sorting, tweeting, blogging, hacking, botting, blocking, spamming, and security. I don't suppose it is a ghost in the machine, but something very similar like a chaotic attractor that arises in very complex systems. Just a shadow of a symbiotic intelligence dust devil perhaps. Some federally enforced RFID implant in cattle with open ended laws that allow children to be tagged also for their own benefit. It had a number and it could have been 616, but I could also easily be mistaken.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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