Sex and War

How could you pick a more sexy or scary title than that? Wired reviews "SEX AND WAR" by Malcolm Potts and Thomas Hayden. I agree with the concept and they have many nice pictures there :) for those, like myself, that want to be distracted a bit while they read. It is not hard to guess my position as it comes to the need of nations to stop the organized crime of war before it is ended by the extinction of all life.

It isn't because I am a peace and love kind of guy, I am not really that fond of most people. It is because it can be no other way and resolve. It is that same way with open source. I don't believe in it because of some philosophical bent, it is just the only way to be effective in a group. I ignore the fact that most of the people I respect, admire, and work in harmony with in the FS community would probably drive me crazy if I had to see them every day IRL.

For some strange reason I look at that title and think of "Spock" from the old "Star Trek" doing some hippy thing "Make Sex not War". I am sure that sex and genetics plays a large role in the factors that lead to organized conflict.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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