How to cook program soup

I read my Python book again last night and did some more programming. I have used perl and CPAN before and it is very nice. I think that Python does have an advantage of being more readable and perhaps a bit more current. It is free and I like it and if it comes to that , I may make a pseudo source cross-compiler. It doesn't restrict and I can mix languages easily. I have settled on C as my core language now and Python is cool and all, but C is the tool that serves me best. PHP is okay, but I wish somebody would come to a consensus so there could be a single standard. A lot of the effect of these things like Ruby on Rails have their own culture which is more complex than the language itself. That is not helpful to the concept of re-usability and semi-permanence of libraries.

I have been swirling around in the blender soup and hitting spots here and there to identify what can be extended, what might be faster and more convenient. Of all the open source I have studied, I think that the blender concept incorporates nearly every aspect of what a real collaborative system should be. There is a lack of proper documentation in some areas but that is due to the fact that it is such an effective tool and is expanding very fast. I can envision that I can implement all my ideas of dimensional methods here. I can certainly apply many of the things I have learned about subjects as different as SSH and Open Document formats or Qt to help me apply that knowledge effectively.

The survey has given me an idea of the capabilities and I am still stretching to encompass all the possibilities. I think it will be tomorrow before it sinks in and solidifies to the point that I can use the methods in new ways without becoming tangled in the complexity of it. So here I am stirring the soup and waiting, perhaps I will play some Adanaxis until it is done.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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