Science as art

In art, I have seen people say that the artist was intending a certain thing when they created something and it is purely guess. In this case I will explain my simple attempts at art. The image was made to test various properties and how they interact. Light, shadow, transparency, complexity. The words imply several things in this context. They are overlaid on a network map of the internet and if you look behind that you will see yourself. In another way I imagined that it was a way to say that I will continue to learn and use new knowledge and if a person does not apply themselves to what is new they fall behind very quickly. In the third sense it was simply to show that the words could be seen through the transparency of the globe.

The map of the interconnecting nodes of the internet has a spooky resemblance to a real physical neural net in the brain. It isn't a coincidence that this is so. Patterns form at many layers in all things and even in the crystallization of some organic materials at the atomic level can take forms that could easily be mistaken for a planned design.

Click the image for a better view.

On a whole other subject of science this video collection at Wired is really interesting. For one, if you think there is no guiding intelligence beyond neurons at the level of a cell, please explain the first video.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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