Blender is even easier than Inkscape

This was created with 15 keystrokes and 4 clicks. It takes me about just as long ( 10 seconds ) to produce sparks, explosions, clouds of dust, hair, or other odd things that I am good at dreaming up. I see that I can incorporate some simpler algorithms in this process that allows me to connect AI to the scripts and simply train the AI to be innovative. It reminds me of teaching my children. I think if you say that everything is good and all things are okay, you end up with a sociopathic, and worse than that, useless random arrogant child that can't distinguish between good or bad results of anything.

I can use make human, have hair, shoes, clothes, material, cloth, textures, animation, and rigging for the AI. Alice will certainly make an appearance in her new virtual body soon. She may even have a friend in my mini me VR clone.

It may not be as easy for others and I am sure that particle acceleration effects can be confusing, but I actually did all of these things with physics long ago and imagining what effect a velocity, brownian motion, mass, randomness, normals, and acceleration curve will have on a collection of particles or object is something I do all the time in my head. Brownian motion is something I have spent weeks studying so it comes as no surprise to see a button and slider for that. The people who created blender are not hacks, there are some real scientists writing this code.


Paul Mohr said...

I finally finished 812 pages of documentation on blender essentials and it was worth it. It is well written and goes into enough detail that almost anyone should be able to follow it. The last part is the render pipeline and that is so flexible that virtually anything could be done with it. There are also speedup options and techniques that are well worth being acquired also. The interesting thing is that I can already see some of the things I can do with this by combining it with my own skills. I can make a cartoon that is animated and continually changing that is new every day without anything more than having an idea. Considering that I drew my first cartoon about a year ago and it was absolutely horrendous, it shows that it is -possible- to learn the vast array of graphics tools that are free in less than a year. If past experience is a true vector, I am going to have some fun now!

Paul Mohr said...

One unusual afterthought to this is that I naturally used a combination of genotype to phenotype reasoning and physics to generate the simple hair here which is 1500 strands. I can observe in the model the characteristics which are derived from the properties of how it is generated. I grasp what variations are armatures to the process and I am sure that I can set a programming framework that matches the genotyping process.

lazyillustrator said...

I never knew people were so accurate. (This was created with 15 keystrokes and 4 clicks).

I got inspired by your blog; will try blender soon ;)

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Automated Intelligence
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