Pharoah's wizard has a curse

Back in the Old Kingdom when I worked for the real Pharaohs, I had a little trick to hide things in Pandora's play pen. Some people have looked in there from time to time throughout history ( the marks of Pandora's teeth are easy to recognize when you know her bite ) and it isn't something that you do unless you know Pandora personally or happen to be suicidal. I doubt that anyone even suspects that the key to the playpen is there in front of their eyes. I also doubt that they realize what things are possible with a bit of the alchemist's blood.

The biggest problem with archeology is that they assume that what was made was intended to been seen and that they people who left those traces were idiots in comparison to the, Oh so, advanced science that exists today.

Mostly what they find is the marks of the simplistic egomaniacs who think that a structure that blocks the sun is the most permanent memorial to their greatness. Others just know that they will be here again some day and like to send little messages to themselves to say hi and explain some things that might not be obvious without a clue.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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