Genetics you need to know

This reference to an article at thegenesherpa by Steve Murphy MD is very interesting and for somebody who might use micro arrays, it is critical thought. It does not surprise me in the least that it would be done and I am sure that many new methods will be found to make genetic, protein and cellular analysis more affordable. The industry is very new and advances faster than electronics ever did. It is that 2t advantage that comes from the methods of life which is responsible. It is certainly a very large play field and I read recently that they now have a protein array that can detect micro amounts of a chemical which indicates cancer in a sample as small as a pin prick.

It is an industry that keeps leap frogging itself and it is very difficult to see where it will lead. It is one of those areas that should not be driven by immediate gain as it will restrict future development, but I think that cat is long out of the bag and is lost in the woods by now. It will certainly bring some large economic and social changes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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