Blend and render reality

The render unit of the gene-rator is a kinesin and dynein spider like element that moves the assembly head in 3 space. The entire process requires a certain BOM for each product. As an example I thought of this: Socket-tes which is a combination of Kinesin, Phospholipids, RNA chain, keratin, and H2O, etc.. The assembly renderer requires a certain amount of ATP and raw materials for each rendered object and each of the raw materials itself requires a certain amount of ATP and matter to be created.

As an extension to blender I am doing a script that shows the physical render time and cost in ATP units × Avogadro's number. This is to make sure that I don't render objects that are too complex and will never be realized or are just fanciful in their complexity. Upper limits are set and a render cannot start if it exceed a certain set threshold. This is where the Linux device driver comes in.

ASIDE/ I do not intend to make a driver for windows and the device driver cannot be licensed for windows as I won't support using it to profit the gatekeeper. There is no substance to windows, it is just a multiplexer that takes input from somebody else's driver and directs to another persons driver. I have written those drivers and Windows does not pay you to do them, (In fact) they require you to pay them to create a driver for Windows. That is how a monopoly works./ASIDE

A modified plasmid without ORI is used as the thread generator and the sequence has anchor points that are recognized by the binding parts for auto-assembly. The plasmid is continuously transcribed in the presence of ATP and neucleotides and expressed through an interface that has a traveling mechanism and a complementary RNA sequence that binds to the end of the continuous RNA sequence.

The Socket-tes are a three dimensional surface in the shape of a foot that absorbs ATP and contracts and expands at the molecular level to produce heat. Essentially foot warmer socks that are fuzzy at the atomic level and very rugged. The devices themselves are not self replicating, they are simply a fabric of molecules like any other manufactured object. The replication of the gene-rator is under the direction of the OS and so it is not living in the sense that it would duplicate without the system present. It would be no more capable of self replication outside the system than a pixel could be displayed in empty space and then decide to grow. ( cue the Tinkerbell chant )


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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