Normal or normal

In the graphic world of 3D it is the vector of the point from a plane to describe the orientation with respect to a third dimension above or below a plane, depending on your own orientation with respect to that which you view or more easily, a second coordinate point in 3 space that is usually a light or camera. This removes the unnecessary complexity of viewing it as relative to self, and then stepping back to view self from self in infinite recursion.

Personally I have established a normal to my existence and its relationship to the world by the path of experience and understanding of its process. If I were to accept any other opinion of "up right" then it always is in conflict with my own observation and continuously in conflict to every other arbitrary "upright standard goal post" of human behavior. I do not wander about in a vicious circle of destruction as a result of this and in fact, it seems that the drive to random destruction is simply the inverted "Normal" which is established in an arbitrary way.

I can comprehend that when someone is looking for a direction to the gravity of meaning in life, it can be very difficult to see the simplicity of existentialism. The old saw of "I think, therefore I am." leaves the other faces of the pyramid undefined and as such is no solution at all, but just a commentary on the madness of self reference. I prefer "I experience and relate that experience to order" as a solution that is without ambiguity.

I will go poetic on this and say: That within the eye of the beholder and through its perception of that experience is the "righting line" of individual existence.

This is the advantage I have when I fence with the WereCats of High Space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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