Consider the source

I have been contemplating the context of humanity and I am always surprised at the creativity there. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in the idea that the human mind is unique in a certain respect. Of all the things that would uniquely identify a person as "human', it in the mind. As such it is hidden and not on display for others to judge, except when expressed. It seems that in that structure is the possibility of anything, which means that it can be horribly out of contact with nature and the universe.

By extension and extrapolation through instrumentality it can become the image of this strangeness. It seems that many an attempt at religion is a reach to deal with this inherent problem of baseless progression. It does seem there is merit in the concept of the concept, if that makes sense. What I may be saying is that the mind has invented a way to establish a rule for the boundary condition for its own infinity. I guess this is a definite plus in the short term, but it places a restraint on perception and understanding to the degree that the limiting envelope applies.

This is then the origin of religion ? , not in the hand of God, but in a means to deal with infinity in planes without reference point, without going mad. It is all self referential anyway unless it is assumed that what is without is also within.

I can't say I have captured this idea well, but I have approached it so that I have a seed of thought from which I can stand to look about from this perspective as center. I think I really grasp the reason for religion and it stems from the fear of falling perhaps. How odd, but I think I am on to something here.

It might be likened to holding an imaginary handrail of someone else's construction. I think it may be wrong ( or at least cruel ) to simply grab that imaginary walking stick from a person so used to its comfort. In fact it may not be possible for a person to reason in such a framework. It is not a simple issue and once the mind has precipitated about a point, change can be perilous and full of fear. I think I may grasp this now and in some ways it makes me very sad.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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