A new monster for my Sci-fi-real

While considering some of the new genetic information and some things I have discovered, I realized that I could in fact create a recursive haploid genetic machine with nature itself. It isn't mechanical and all shiny and techy like a CSI lab with closeups of hands using micro pipettes, clicky bio test tubes, and super glue chambers, but it does have two things in its favor --- effectiveness and it is free. Nature does cloning and genetic experiments in many ways including retros, lateral transfer, haploid selection, direct cloning, and chemical or environmental gene activation. Viruses ( in their own design ) are constantly experimenting with new ways to kill (as a side effect of their living). Plant crossing is a very slow process. Making an insert is fairly quick and can be done in a couple days, but reflex conversion could yield results and expansion in about 30 minutes. That is a good 100X rate.

And I am going to explain ( without someone asking ) my opinion of chemistry. I was a practical chemist 40 years ago and recently I took courses in biochemistry as an update and used things like C13NMR, gas chromatograph, IR spectroscopy, optical rotation equipment, mass spectroscopy and all the new instruments. I have done cloning, RFLP, PCR and all the common lab genetic techniques including monoclonals.I also worked in many industries including semiconductor wafer processing and have used electron microscopy or AFM. I have used virtually every measurement device known personally. So I don't say chemistry is medieval because I don't understand it, it is because I understand more of it.

Dealing with the projected complexity of a system is my intent in combining so many technologies. The ability to alter and program a neuron array as easily as I would machine language in an x86_64 with att syntax or intel and __asm__ jnz understaning __asm__.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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