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Press © and ® keys together to exterminate. Someone did a homage to the Daleks. I had a thought, What if the DoD created an automated device to kill people in an area ( I know that is absurd , Oh wait, they already did that, never mind) and while it was doing that it had an audible alert that was "Exterminate" repeated every few seconds. Then if the people who wrote the SciFi for Dr Who were in that area, would they say "You can't kill me, I have a copyright on killing machines that say that!". I am not sure that Spielberg would have much success in holding an actual cloned dinosaur at bay with an injunction, first because Creighton holds most of the rights and second because the lawyers from the Jurassic era dinosaurs are far more aggressive in court and are almost unbeatable like their clients the T-rex.

And if terrorists started making IEDs that looked like neat little copyrighted trinkets that played pop songs, that were in fact proximity bombs ( a sneaky trick like Monty Python) then would the combined might of RIAA and MPI be able to stop them?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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