mechanical AI as a genetic gambit

It seems that the idea that governments, and particularly the military, are increasingly interested in massive AI projects is really a genetic gambit to retain the position of people who are lost in the advancing complexity of the technological world. Instead of having some innate understanding of what is going on and a capability to operate with that knowledge ( cooperatively ), they seek an answer to what the "nerd" ( aka intellectual ) is doing by building a giant super-nerd that is under their control. It does seem that it is motivated by a desire to keep power a world that becomes less and less controllable due to its complexity.

It seems so very reminiscent of my Junior High days when the troglodites formed gangs to rule the nerds and keep them in check for they were the power structure that represented the physical world. It is a fools errand, but one that is not likely to stop. The nature of society as it exists today is one where the ability to use and function cooperatively with technology is the primary talent to survival. IMHO

The goal of a robot that will enforce power by physical means, reach into every life and know what it is doing, knows all and see all, and most importantly reports to an idiot for its instructions. I don't think that they even understand their own motives and I guess it is always going to be that way. I will keep on my way to chess club while they laugh that they have built a computer that can beat the nerds at chess. What they fail to realize is that if they don't understand their own creation, how will they ever know that it hasn't been usurped and re-tasked to play baseball.


Paul Mohr said...

CHESS club is the place we meet to discuss Computerized Human Emulation Simulated Systems.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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