The power of complexity

I am nearing the end of another phase of understanding and I see that much of this does not make any sense whatsoever if the other subjects are not understood. I am going to stop going into detail and just hit the highlights. SVG, XML, gcc, C, make, configure, C++, HTML, DOC, XSL, CSS, VRML, blender, gimp, UDP, TCP/IP, shell, shell utilities, POSIX, Linux device drivers, AI, character animation, MMO, Uni-verse, Python, perl, java, javascript, SWF, animated gif, AVI, MP3, ogg, wav, espeak, phonemes, matrix transforms, non-Euclidian object space, nDimensional topology, electronic design, physics, mechanics, chemistry, genetics, topology of 2 and 3 space, logic. These things I know and it seems silly to explain in too much detail unless it is requested.

I have my own OS that I use and it has a keyed set that is on the order of 100!10 complex in its interface and I estimate that blender is about (1006)4 complex in its interactive key space. I have no problem using the interface to my OS and though the interactive key space is very large, I don't use a great deal of it ( obviously ) . It does allow me to have unique simultaneous key space that is not overlapping in applications. There is a small fraction of overlap between blender and Linux, but it is an easy enough work around that I won't reassign any keys. I am willing to make the mental commitment for the key set of blender because it is sure to be the most effective CAD system for me personally and figures into my overall plan for usability of information.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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