Linux continues to improve everyday

I was reading RSS feeds and happened on this piece of information about a console command at Linux Commando that explains the "eject" command. I never knew that one and it is funny when you have to crawl under the desk to get to the CD drive and here there is a console command for it. I found that "eject -v" which has the added verbose option is nice as it describes what the program is trying and thinking.

The reason I am enjoying Linux so much is not just these types of things, but the entire environment. I was using blender and reading through PDFs to get background on some methods and accidentally clicked the middle mouse button and pushed the mouse forward as this is how I move in 3D with blender. I was shocked that this scaled my PDF and so I can easily zoom on PDFs which is always an issue as some of the images have detail that is difficult to extract without zooming in to view. Nice feature and blender, gimp, console commands, KDE, and Konqueror continue to reveal pleasant surprises about user interface. The greatest advantage is that I will never have to relearn a new way to use a program again. I have the source and if somebody changes the programs so I have to learn new keys I will fork them and build from source, even if just for myself.

The left picture is a skull mapped to texture normals and depth in blender. It could be a new logo for the Darth Vader death star health spa planet.

And below is a neuron embedded on a sphere.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen