Rigged Blender

This is an example of a fully rigged character from blender. This is not my work, I am just testing the animation methods and how they are scripted. There are many ways in which blender is used and it is possible ( and already done ) to produce complete animated movies with blender.

My goal as always in this process is to connect the genotype and phenotype to the structures of models and their control mechanisms. The ultimate goal is to have the entire control mechanism implemented in neural arrays whose structure is determined also by the genotype to phenotype relationships.

Hmmmmm ant stem cells. Exoskeleton clothes like in the Stargate® movie pharaoh and his guards.

By rigging the models in the same way as the muscles are arranged it is possible to verify how they are controlled in their actual environment.

And this is just recursion again and I just learned another trick by accident. I can scale Firefox pages with Control+MMB which is control key with the middle mouse wheel to scroll the size of a page. That is cool. A person can learn 100's of things every day and still have a billion to learn.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen