Hofstadter and Jootsing

I was reading an article that referenced "jootsing" ( jumping out of the system) which is like thinking outside the box or examining new possibilities or venturing into the chaos of the unknown. I happened to have one of those moments of leap today as I do from time to time and I have developed an idea that obsoletes a very large part of the world economy and solves a problem that nobody seems to realize exists. It makes me realize that the technology that exists today is just a shadow of what it could be in the future. Corporations look for a situation that is profitable to apply their effort and that is not always the best way to look at technological advance. Good ideas are simply not done because they cannot be controlled and restricted to pay per use. It highlights the fact that much of the new technology and innovation will likely come from open technology.

The image here shows how quickly I can see a concept and then produce the graphics to go with it. It is called scalable vector graphics for a reason, (it is scalable). This drawing was done in ten steps and I snapshotted it to show you that I used Bezier curves for the lines.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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