Is (in whispers) -thought- a swear word now

This article at slashdot is so telling of intent. The idea that possession or manufacture of open source ( not closed source) software that could be used for illicit purposes is so deeply corrupt and evil that I cannot express the outrage, that they would even think of such a thing. Clearly people are completely unconscious if they accept this type of thing. It is the lack of knowledge and keeping people in the dark that allows them to be used as pawns for whatever foul and perverse purpose the monarchy has in a never ending quest for eugenic favor.

I imagine that I could run for president on a platform of making possession of Deoxyribonucleic Acid a crime punishable by death under military law without any due process and at the discretion of the investigator. The sad thing is that 70% of the people would say "Yes, that is really bad, terrorists could use DNA to make a biological weapon of mass destruction". The even sadder part is that 30% of the population would find this outrageously funny and impossible until their door is kicked in without warrant, because they possess DNA as do their children. It is a darkness of intent that speaks to the depths of evil that will employed to keep people in ignorance as slaves.

I am stunned that such a thing can even be considered in any nation. It is obvious where this leads. They are not attacking Microsoft and Intel for making hardware and programs available that could do anything, they are attacking open source for the benefit of companies and organizations like Microsoft, RIAA, and others who pay their bribes and fund their election.

I am sure that ultimately the act of thinking must be illegal for I could decide to think for myself and that is a real risk for despotism.

I can see that any ( open source ) graphical simulation software should be banned because it could be used to make an image of a penis or boobies, or even -gasp- make sounds that seem similar to the copyrighted theme song of Bonanza. Closed source software of course could not be used for such a purpose, it is designed right into the Windows OS, that an individual cannot download or view pron using a Windows machine or even a Mac. Right?©®ap?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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