Get it while the getting is still free

Open source information is a threat to government run monopolies all over the world and as time goes by they are working toward passing laws to restrict the flow of information and I have no doubt they will achieve their goals, one way or another. It seems the most effective way is to sue and criminalize open source projects. This places an economic burden on the free expression of thought and sharing of knowledge. Power is a horrible plague on those who have it as they will do anything to keep their foot on people's neck, simply for the feeling that it brings.

I have done a rather long tour of blender again today and increased my knowledge of what options are available to be used. I have looked at what has been done by others and the quality of animation and creativity involved is beyond what passes as entertainment in broadcast TV by some great stretch. I do hope that governments are not successful at crushing the freedom of information, however I doubt that many will resist when they are starved, taxed, and legislated into submission.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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