Gimp has so many new features

I bet it will be a year before I have actually used all the features of gimp ( Graphic Information Meta Processor ). This is cloth(ify) with drop shadow and I even found an SVG of gimp itself to include in the demonstration. The amount of really quality software available for free is astounding. The newest version of gimp includes so many scripts that I have not even tried all of them yet, let alone played with the parametric options to see the range of action. The new select by color feature is way useful and the selection process is vastly improved. As an image processor with SVG and blender it makes a dynamic trio that is really impressive in what can be done. It certainly branches to infinity quickly and that is a good sign of something that never loses its value to produce new content. The more I use it the more I can automatically use the hot keys and instead of 10 seconds between actions with the mouse menu select it is a matter of milliseconds and the precision is digital. When using blender it is possible to select a face, extrude it , fiddle a while to get it exact and then set it. I can do "e" "2" "Enter" in less than a second and switch faces to create a complex form faster than I could model it in any physical medium. And I can actually then express it as a physical solid in numerous forms with the right interface.

If I ever see a book on gimp at the book store I will certainly get it if it has some new insights into the best ways to apply the vast array of script-fu.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

Looks great!

Paul Mohr said...

I can't really take credit for the outcome as the quality of the software makes it easy to use and even a non artist like myself can produce some decent results. I accept the praise anyway :)

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Well, you do deserve the praise. You may be surprised, but there are many self-professing 'artists' out there who don't even know a fraction of what you already know. Many of them don't even know what layers are!

Some years back, I was approached by a group of $in-gaporean 'professional artists' to train them to use the Gimp, as Adobe Photoshop costs way too much. I don't know about now, but at that time, they were using about 20 pirated copies of Adobe Photoshop, so it would actually save them well over S$25k by going legal with the Gimp.

I was expected to deliver a structured course, along with an outline of every lecture on paper.

I quoted them just S$2k for training worth well over 10 hours. For a company that can pay every one of its clueless and incompetent employee more than S$2-10K per month, the fee was mediocre at best. Guess what they said? They wanted it free! Even the cost of training materials (CD ROM and paper and printing) had to be born by me! They said I had a bad attitude and started hurling insults at me.

That was when I told them to stfu and either get someone else (stupid enough to do it for free) or rtfm.

Surprisingly, they did manage to get someone very eager to train them for free. But here's the catch: He was a noob who got everything wrong, so they ended up as clueless as before. I hear that they're still using pirated copies of Adobe Photoshop.

As I speak, there're quite a number of $in-gaporeans who're making false claims that they've been trained by me in 'everything', including the Gimp.

You can gauge how 'true' their claims are, simply by asking them if they know how to draw a straight line using the Gimp - they wouldn't have a clue. (Matthew 7:16-20)

Paul Mohr said...

I have looked at the "art" that some people produce and you may be correct there. It requires the skill to hold the shift key as you move, as if you didn't already know.

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