I am my grandfather forever and never more

Mini sci-fi from the near future.

I was in the lab the other day and I was working with pluri-potent stem cells when I realized there was a fairly simple mechanism for how they operated. Of course it had to be simple and resilient to be as effective as it is. I thought it would be impossible to do a human trial so in the spirit of all wacky scientists, I tried it on myself. Now I can't go to work or school or the lab anymore as I am biologically 18 again. This is a real mess. I think what I will do is get a makeup kit and some latex so I can create a face like my old one ( literally ) until I can figure out a way to create a long lost grandson that will show up at work sometimes to help me when I am ill.

There is the issue of creating a new identity, but I could say that my grandson lost all his ID in the New Orleans' storm and I will vouch for the fact. I think that if this technique gets out it is going to wreak havoc with the retirement system. I am pretty sure it is a crime to steal your own identity.

I do hope somebody doesn't discover I am wearing latex, because they are going to assume I killed my grandfather to take over his business and who is ever going to believe the truth and if they do, I have a feeling I am going to get life for some kind of fraud. I may move to a new country and start again as a young chemist fleeing from one of the third world countries. This can't possibly work out well without a real new identity.

I think that everybody should plan for success as well as failure.

---The End----Or is it just the beginning, as they say in all the cheesy sci-fi movies?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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