The Electric Sheep scare me

It is fairly obvious that androids would dream of electric sheep as we dream for that which we desire. My worry is that the electric sheep have dreams of their own and this includes hand guns and knives.

There is a new book by E. O. Wilson , who is one of my favorites because of his work with ants, and he considers the possibility of extinction of life by the extinction of insects. I have to agree that humanity is working toward destroying the nature that keeps them alive, but it is not likely that they will ever kill the ants. Edward O. should know that himself and it may be the end of humanity, but dawns the new and glorious day for the Ant Pharaoh and his Anternet.

I have worked with programming and designing robots for many purposes, both virtual and real. There are CNC milling bots, pick and place, clean room bots, welder bots, personal bots and of course internet bots. It really isn't that difficult to make something smarter and more effective than a human. It is just the context issue. Beyond the utility of automated process, I wonder what gain would be seen in something that is too much like a person in an artificial way. Greed in a robot is an emulation of something that serves a biological origin and it has no meaning in the context of a robot, it just becomes a flaw of design, not character.

By designing a system of circuits that thinks like a person they will create a system that is broken for reasons beyond their understanding, perhaps, but not mine. The emotions and desires of the human form serve the purpose of its existence. The best example I can offer is that a perfect copy of a human brain in silicon would have a hunger for food, that would never be satisfied. That alone, has the makings for a real nightmare.If it is true that a man thinks about sex at least once in every minute of the day, do you really want an androgynous hunk of titanium wandering around trying to figure out how to mate without all the proper equipment?

What molten metal milk will they feed the robot baby when it is born and begins to cry? The idea of whole brain generation and simulation is another one of those nanotech stories that looks good on paper to most, but it becomes obviously flat when rotated in three dimensions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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