Bioskin earth suit specification

Nanotechnology is all the rage and I used to think that too when I read all the conjecture of how it would be so easy to make it. The problem is that it has not materialized ( punny?) as a real competitive force to natural process. It is millions time more effective to use DNA and RNA and catalysts than to manufacture something an atom at a time in a ten billion dollar chip fab. ( Fabrication Facility )

If you understand the methods of how the chemical world interacts it is very easy to modify the process to use in new ways. One idea that I will certainly implement is a suit of clothes that recycles CO2, converts sunlight to biological energy, changes form to absorb or reflect energy, changes form to absorb momentum, and can isolate a person completely from an environment ( including vacuum ) and be self generating. This much is almost a no-brainer with the capabilities that exist now. Genetic Tech etal. are equivalent to the first vacuum tube designs in electronics and hailed as the do-all and end all ENIAC. It does not come into its sweet spot until an organism generates a circuit of controlled design. A new bacteria has been discovered that is essentially a battery. ( IF you don't understand the significance of this in control theory I will add a single clue. ElementA' must produce a larger effect in ElementA'' and be controlled by the same effect and then you have a complete usable system ) Nature is far ahead of technology because it has its economy in order and it runs on the energy of stars, which is virtually limitless.

I know that Physics is in transition and soon they will grasp what I learned long ago, that the principles may work out mathematically, but that is because it was formed as a purely mathematical model. In the lab when I work with synthesis or quantitative analysis it is never the case that I say "Oops, Carbon became a cheeseburger and now my results are wrong." If you understand and control ALL the variables it always has a predictable result.

For some reason, every time I hear somebody mention the "Big Bang" it makes me crazy, because I know this is absurd and when somebody cites E=mc2, I know that they live in the shadow of a clue as to what is really going on ( OR they are just parroting something they do not understand to play at being smart). The sad part is that when I was 17 and started college I thought I was really smart because I could parrot that and recount aspects of the big bang theory, do integrals and derivatives like they were children's crossword puzzles, and generally recite every existing theory of science word for word. The problem is that it was wrong and incomplete and sometimes just a convenient lie of omission to sell magazines, products, educational institutions , or books.

It is natural to be stupid until you understand and I am sure that I am still stupid as ever, I just don't know it yet. :) My recent experience with blender has taught me that, yet again. There are already other people who have had the idea of using blender as a platform for real science.

The bio-suit will first be a .blend system so I can take a look at some of the design from different aspects and then it will be a test fabric for the ants. Look for my new novel on "Ants in Space, Eat the Human Race", just kidding.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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